Entry level redefined: Shifting goalposts

Getting an education: Just the starting point, the hassle begins when you graduate.

Growing up, I always wanted to excel. I was that student who would excel in everything in a “Midas” kind of way. Everything I touched turned to gold. I was in the hockey team, was a school captain, was on the honor roll and was a good kid. I took part in all the extracurricular activities that were available as long as I could stretch my schedule, why not.

I went on to college for my bachelors and just recently graduated with my masters. So why do I find myself sad and jobless? It is because I tried to excel in everything. Am I a jack of all trades and a master of none? Unfortunately, most job requirements need us to be excellent in at least one thing and mediocre in several others. So what do I do, I am mediocre in several skills but not really a master in any. I have the papers but not the practical skills.

Gone are the days when it really mattered that you had the papers. These do not mean anything if you do not have the skills. During my job search, I see entry level positions that ask for as much as 7 to 10 years experience. Did someone redefine entry level? No one wants to train new hires on the job anymore. The hiring managers and recruiters have strict instructions to ensure that the candidates can not only “run” on the job as soon as they get hired but also fly a space ship if need be. (And I am not talking about astronauts here) I tried volunteering too, but it is the same script across the board.

I have decided to choose one area that I really enjoy and focus on it. Over the next three months I will hone my skills in this one area. Try to get all the practical aspects and make myself sell-able.

If this does not work, then there is definitely something wrong with me, or the career that I chose!

©RightersBlokk 2010

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